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Who is the ideal customer for

All of Deebs customers have at least one thing in common; they want to sell their house quickly to a trusted name in the community with no hassles. Here are just a few of the reasons people sell to Deeb:

  • They want to avoid repairs
  • They don’t want to pay any real estate commissions or fees
  • They don’t want a formal appraisal by a lender
  • They don’t want to do the necessary items preparing the house for sale: painting, cleaning, updating, removing clutter and exterior landscaping
  • Divorce
  • Relocating or job transfer
  • Falling behind on your mortgage payments and wants to avoid foreclosure and running your credit
  • Need to sell an inherited property
  • Tired of being a landlord
  • They don’t want the cost of maintaining the house until its ready to sell, including insurance costs, utilities, taxes, loan payments and any other items that need attention
  • And any reason that makes sense to you

When will we have to be out of the house when we agree to sell it to DEEB?

Your move out date is based on what is best for you. If you would like to have your cash in 7 days and want to stay in the home and rent it back from us for an agreed upon time we will accommodate that. If you want to delay the closing until you are ready to move we will accommodate that also. So basically we will be flexible with what your needs are.

How will DEEB determine what my property is worth?

We will conduct a comparison market analysis on what similar properties in the neighborhood have sold for then we will give you a fair market value offer for your property based on the current condition and taking in consideration this cash purchase will be hassle free and you will not be paying for repairs, preparing your house for sale costs, real estate commissions, appraisals, interior and exterior updating, clean up costs, utilities, insurance, taxes etc.

Am I under any obligation at all if I have DEEB make an appointment with me to see the house?

No. Visiting with you on the phone and coming over to see your property is at no cost to you and you are never under any obligation to take our cash offer.

If you don’t buy it, do you have any other programs that will help us sell our house in a timely manner?

Yes, Van Deeb is a long time Omaha Real Estate Broker and owns Big Omaha Realty. Big Omaha Realty is a full service real estate company that will help you sell your property with little inconvenience to you. Van will make sure you get your property sold with no hassles and for the highest price possible the current market will allow. Vans knowledge and level of service is unmatched in The Omaha area.

What kind of other properties will DEEB consider purchasing?

Besides purchasing houses, we also purchase condos, townhomes, duplexes, apartments and even some commercial properties.